Greetings good peoples…

If you have haunted my little corner of the digital airwaves for a while, I am sure you have noticed the post count drop over the last couple of months. Well, there is a rhyme and reason to this. In the coming days, will be switching hosts from iPage to GoDaddy. I have weighed options on for a while, hence the drop in posting… but finally decided its going to be the best path to take.

iPage has served me decently for a couple years, but in the end its considerably limiting compared to the dollar for dollar features of GoDaddy. Not to mention the much higher caliber customer service and reliability. After using a red/black, pro/con checkers and balance system, it became a no brainer. Though, the biggest down side is, this change will result in the site being down for a few days while this change takes place. The upside, will be back with more features, more dedication, more updates and simply put… better than ever.

I have a lot of new projects beginning, new life changes starting, new business ventures cooking and this will be a new kickoff in my photographic path toward knowledge, collaboration and networking. So many more opportunities are coming to bring on my artistic visions to the world.

In the mean time, do keep an eye on my photo-stream M43Street and my G+ profile, RE Casper. Many updates will be taking place in both locations during this time and throughout the future. m43Street, for instance carries out my every-day share of new and old street photography from my time in Chicago and San Francisco. My G+ profile is the common catch all on my daily musings, ramblings and interesting shares.

You won’t be disappointed and I hope you stick with me in this process.

For any questions, never hesitate to contact me at But do stay tuned.

Cheers and Salutations for now …. I can’t wait to see you again soon.