Phase One Complete: Site and Domain Name Successfully Migrated

Phew, that was seriously the biggest pain in the ass, headache inducing, hair thinning, expletive producing process I have done in a LONG time.

So to put it short, or long… I don’t know, I haven’t got in the typing groove yet. We’ll, see…

Anyway, I recently (as my previous post alluded) migrated my WordPress install, hosting, domain and database from iPage and, all over to GoDaddy. I figured it would be in my best interest to consolidate everything into one space. One bill, one account page and one awesome customer service number/ticket system and boy did that last one get used… Often. Also, a much more robust service.

Through this process, I had to back up my entire WordPress installation via FTP. Independent files and all WP related folders, included. Not exactly the most difficult part, in that I set it up to process and it took an entire evening to complete. Then I had to export the database and that one took the entire next morning.

Next came the purchase of a hosting account through GoDaddy and the transferring of my “” domain away from over here to merge with my hosting server.

I have probably started speaking over many heads by now (at times, my own included), but I’ll continue because my fingers will me to.

So on came the authorization codes, nameserver changes and more… just to get my domain switched up. Again, not to big of an issue except for the fact that I had to establish “” as the primary domain and remove it from iPage. Otherwise, every time I attempted to access via ftp, I would continue to sync with my old server. Right out of the gate, it was accesable from both providers, instantly a problem… At this point, I began feeling  that pain in my ass started to tease the senses. Come to find out something in the digitalness of the DNSiness or the something or other did not update properly. YAY!

Moving on… I set up a fresh WordPress install and database. The later happening automagically in the wide world of webbyness.

So, after ditching the normal login approach (host name, username, password, port, dna swab, first born child… et cetera), I simply snagged the IP address off my server and just logged the hell in, directly. Success… but a long road yet to walk.

I started another evening of uploads, by overwriting all the pre-installed files that are put in when you install a new fresh WordPress to a website. This includes the normal wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes, as well as all independent files starting with “wp-…” and pretty much any damn thing else I could find and copy. This wonderfully Gigantor sized package weighed in at around 4GB… So yeah, that was fun and drawn out.

Alright… Now comes the fun part. Importing that “exported” database file from the MYSQL server, consisting of about 1Billion bytes of shit I will never understand, nor care too. The 5-10 minute rounds one and two ended in my a lovely import error, ceasing to continue. What happened, what the hell am I doing wrong? So I reach out to GoDaddy and boom, I had to edit the raw file and remove a couple lines. One they recommended to remove, the other I found myself. Thankfully one is merely below the other and the delete key came in really handy.

Round three ended in the same way, stating that this or that already exists on the database, so it couldn’t continue the import. Well, again the delete key came in handy… I simply removed ALL items with a tick box beside them in the SQL database and began the run for Round Four…. Success!!!

Weeee… having fun yet? I sure as hell was… cough cough.

On to editing the “wp-config” file to properly mesh with my newly imported database and WordPress files, now resting comfortably on my new hosting server…. Here I changed out the old database names, host names, password and hosting path. Saving a backup elsewhere, because those are always nice to have when shit hits the fan, I then overwrote the wp-config file on the server with the one I just edited. Bam, Success!!!… or was it?

This is the point where all should work… But no… Ohhhhhh No!… Never that easy.

I reach out a handful of more times to GoDaddy support, found I buggard up my wp-config edits (mistyped my password)… and the best part and you’ll LOVE this one. When I backed up my files (which took all night) and came back the next day, it come to my attention that WordPress had decided to make a major update overnight and I could only now install 3.6 (the updated install) on GoDaddy and my files were from 3.5.2. Magnificent and pretty much something I shouldn’t even be surprised by anymore…

Its all good though, because and I added this part simply for anyone else with my luck… It updates AUTOMAGICALLY when you do this. The database is the lone hold out and it (if eventually done correctly) will allow you a button to simply click, update the database and Viola… True success. Well, as long as your not a goober like yours truly here.

The cherry on top of this massive headache came in the form of my blind love for Chrome and its propensity to sever itself from reality and get hung up munching on its own cookies and cache files.

For the last day, I have apparently had everything up and running well. But Chrome… yeah Chrome, decided to divert me and cause me grief. Each time I tried to go to the site, boom… nada, nothing, whiteness from corner to corner. Tried to check the Source code and nothing but a single line of iFrame code would show itself. Grrrrrrrr…..

So I called GoDaddy and got to feel like a fool one last time.

I get on the horn with Michael from customer service (my first time calling, as all else was done with tickets) and he was great. Good personality, good humor and stopped me in my path when he laughed outloud, describing my recent post (at the time) regarding my switch to GoDaddy.

What the Hell? I say… How can you see this and all I get is a field of white.

This is the moment I decide to pull up Firefox and try it again. What do you know, there is my site…

Apparently Google Groan, as I previously noted… chews its own cache cud and I had to clear out all temp files, cookies and cache… Then restart the bloody thing just to make it work. But Michael and I shared a laugh at my cluelessness and over analyzation of a such a simple resolve as trying a new browser.

In the end, I say this to all foolish enough to embark on this maddening endeavor… Test, Test, Test, NEVER hesitate to bounce between browsers and finally … Don’t over analyze what your doing. Its easier than it may seem. Just a hell of a lot more frustrating than you can imagine.

All that said… I’d like to say… I’m back baby, and sooo glad to not have to do that again for a long time to come.

On to more pressing and important matters. Upgrading my beast of a site with new features, projects and rambling words of insight that I only hope most of you can get through before navigating away.

Cheers to all and thank you for humoring my venting.