Well, the time is upon me to get my mess in order.

Last night, in a fit of manic insomnia (thank you brain for a night of staring at the ceiling)… Anyway, at one singular point of properly used time, I had an idea for a collapsable display. A set that I can walk in, all by my lonesome. The goal is ease of transport, ease of set up, ease of take down and all-inclusive.

So I do what I normally do; I whipped out my trusty dusty notebook and begin to put what’s in my head on paper.

Visuals are everything for me and I have to see with my eyes, what I see in my head before I can move forward. So my pen started moving and my exhausted mind did what it could to keep up.

After a short time, I had the general ideas down and a pretty good concept to jump start my build diagram.

As you may (or may not) see in the image above, I want to set up a 4-section display with chain link back drops that will recede about 3 inches deep into each quadrant. Within, my framed photos will be well secured for travel and need not be removed and carried separately. From L4 (lower right quadrant), a table and legs will fold under and back into its appropriate cavity. When stretched and in use, this will give me a wonderful space for setting up marketing collateral, books or prints I may want to display.

The triangular stabilizers on each side will be detachable and easily stored behind the folded table top. There will certainly be plenty of hinges and clamps installed on this beast, but “stable” is key for something that will cover about 54sqft (8’x6′) of upright space. While I certainly want my display to be remembered, I definitely do not want it to be because the damn thing fell forward and swallowed me whole… or worse, one of the kind individuals standing there viewing my work.

I’m hoping to get this where it will collapse down into 2 pieces of 4’T x 3’W x 8″D each and handles attached for easy carrying.

We’ll see… Stage one complete.