After many, many long nights of formatting, head scratching and headache… I’ve finally completed my first issue of “Don’t Lick the Pavement.” Wooo Hooo! Is all I can say and excited is how I feel.

My new Photographic eBook strictly focuses on urban life work. This issue will offer page after page of personally selected “bests” living here in the San Francisco Bay over the last year. An eclectic romp through the visions and concrete vibrations of the city.

With this announcement, I bring to you an eBook that will open the curtain to ourselves, or rather other-selves… unless however, you are in this magazine and if so, AWESOME and thank you for being unique. The human zoo is the most eclectic theater and the characters walking the asphalt stage are the most intriguing, beautiful, ugly, sweet and contrary subjects to photograph. It gives me a rush every time I step out the door.

Over the last few months, I’ve considered various ways to share my urban life photography in a form separate from the organic flow of the social media services. Some of which are getting a bit outlandish with their practices, interpretations of ownership and above all, its become so bloody redundant and I have begun to feel closed in by these walled gardens. I want a new outlet and eBooks are it.

What is it:

“Don’t Lick the Pavement,” is my first attempt at a digital magazine showcasing my urban life photography. A series of 50pg issues (25-30 spreads), focusing on human beings, being human beings.

I find people, individually, to be the most interesting part of life. A species that is not only resilient and diligent, but inventive, creative, kind, mean, caring and callous. Each that much more different than the next. Each of us have a mark we make on the world. A vibration we give out that effects those around us. It may not create fissures for the world to stand over and marvel upon, be we are all important in our own way. We make impacts on one another and to somebody out there somewhere, each of us are admired or condemned. But still thought about none the less.

In my pursuits, I attempt to bring these emotions and actions to the surface. To cut out a slice from the universe and freeze it in a rectangular box to be viewed  far and wide, over and over again. To study, to critique, to judge and to accept. Curiosity is in all of us. For me, curiosity drives me to learn more about how people interact with each other and with their urban environment. The street offers an endless menagerie of subjects, carrying on in an infinite series of intentions and desires.

I’ve had the honor of shooting in Chicago, Las Vegas and now I take my random strolls through the streets of the San Francisco Bay. Ranging from the heart of SF to Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, San Jose and all in between.

How do I get it:

For my series, I have decided to go in the direction of Blurb. At least for the first issue. InDesign was my first choice, but being in the midst of a software debacle and a personal deadline hanging over me, I decided to take the path of least resistance. Blurb in its benefits, certainly has its own resistance. But through this service, I was able to visualize my photographic project and adapt my imagery into a flowing, page turning magazine for my viewers to experience themselves.

To pick up your copy, click through the banner below. I regret to announce that my preferred pricing method of “naming your cost” is no longer available through this outlet. Apparently consumerism is expected to be incredibly finite. So I settled on a price of $1.99 an issue, at least to cover the fees and time. I think of it this way, it’s roughly the cost of a king size candy bar. A tasty treat, under a couple bucks and it won’t rot your teeth. Um, well it might rot your eyes though. It hasn’t been properly tested yet, so results may vary.

Ebook Cover - Don't Lick the Pavement - San Francisco, CA

PDF Format

EPUB Format

If you wish to further support my work, be sure to pick up a copy of my previously released eBook, “2000 Miles in a Vandura“.

What’s to come:

More issues, of course. I plan to release this eMag as often as I can. Just keep your eyes locked to my Blog. I mean, as if you don’t already. HarHarHar, ehh.. yeah, whatever… Anyway… Yes, you will find more issues of human intrigue for your viewing pleasure coming soon. But don’t worry so much about the future. Enjoy the now and click that banner above. Get you a copy of the opening issue and take an adventure through the streets of San Francisco.


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Upon this pavement, I find my muse. When I am on the street, I feel free and when I have my camera, I feel powerful.