I wanted to give an update to you awesome peoples out there, as I have been a bit inundated this month to post much on my blog.

Its almost time… 24 hours from now, I will be setting up at 1015 Folsom to show a series of photography I have been working on throughout the last year.

If you happened to miss out on buying tickets online through the RAW Box Office, fret not. I have decided to get resourceful and created a new option for online purchase. Click my link below and you will have a new opportunity to support my showcase at Encompass 2013. Remember, each ticket purchase brings with it a free medium format print, your chose from my expansive gallery of options http://gallery.recasper.com.

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Its been a brutally disorganized process on my end. Which, funny enough, is my usual approach. I live in chaos and find comfort in such avenues. Honestly, it makes for an interesting memory and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So after a multiple trips to local hobby shops, box stores and quite a few online orders… I now have all my prints, frames, mats, collateral, lights, etc…


A quick snapshot, showing some of the items I will be bringing to the show. Much more behind the curtain.

Over the last couple of days, I have began framing and matting a couple pieces that will be the focal point of my booth. It took much internal debate, but I decided to compliment one piece from my urban life series with one from my fine art landscapes. I figure, not everyone is into street (as much as I would like to think otherwise) and there will be eyes scanning the floor for some artwork to hang on their walls. To this, I say, I got you covered.

I didn’t want to go too big for my imagery, as my space is 6′ x 6′. It’s a decent sized booth, but not a good space to overwhelm with multiple 20×30 goliaths. I have far too many works that hold a special place in my heart and I want to show as many as practicality will allow. So I decided to go with a few 12×18 sized medium framed artworks and a host of many 8×12’s strung across my booth below the lit frames.

I have also chosen to bring our dining table with me (that will be fun to lug in the door), so I can set up some table tents marketing my digitally published “Don’t Lick the Pavement” eBooks and a portfolio of 8×10 prints for purchase.

As a previous post alluded, I was really wanting to build a installation piece for all this. But its just not a practical option… especially knowing I have to set all this up solo. I figure it’s better not to set myself up for disaster.

I’ll tell you this… the excitement is growing immensely in my gut, as is that dirty twinge of nervousness. I really have no idea of what tomorrow night will bring. I’ve talked to various artists that have attended in the past and spoken with our director with some of my questions, but you can only gather so much from words and pictures. It’s my first true showcase and frankly, I am ready to splash down in San Francisco tomorrow and hit the ground running. The wait has been brutal and the yearning to show is burning me up inside.

I can’t wait for tomorrow and look forward to seeing some familiar faces there.

… Enough rambling, I’m off to more preparation.