Attention you Awesome cats out there…

Today marks the beginning of the RAWards 2013 Best of Show VOTING. Where my work is up against, well everyone else’s. Its like American Idol, crowd based voting… but the work is worth viewing and your vote actually matters.

Vote Here

You can vote once a day between today, Oct. 1 and Oct. 8.

It doesn’t cost a thing and a couple clicks of the mouse makes all the difference in the world. You do have to register, so they know who voted. But is an organization worth following… so its a win/win.

I ask, if you enjoy my work… or even if you could care less about the work, but dig me in generally… head on over to and clickity-clack that vote for RE Casper button.

Heads up, the site is running a little slow right now because of the high traffic. Which means I have a lot of catching up to do. lol

I would be very grateful dear sirs and madames. Very grateful indeed.

While there, feel free to pick up some tickets for the show (or if not local, to support my showcase instead)…

Thank you for your support!