Hello good peoples. Do you like that image above? Quite a bit different than my normal work, is it not?

Check out the full size image here: Man and a Dog” (San Francisco, CA)

It’s been awhile since I’ve sent vibrations through the old interwebs via the old Blog and I believe this to be a worthy reason to break the silence. Plus, an old dog can in fact learn a new trick, such as the new style of street photography you will now start seeing in my posts over at www.m43street.com.

Cinematic Street Photography. I think the phrase speaks for itself.

Since I began capturing the human zoo, I’ve post-processed quite exclusively in black and white. A style that still holds high importance in my heart. Full color imagery was a rare site early on (one or two every month or so) but this has since become more and more common in recent days. If you have followed the Tumblr Photoblog, you may have noticed this.

There are two big reasons for the new visual interest;

– One, I’ve began running across images that have so much color in them, so much vibrant life, that I feel it would be a sin to remove this visual beauty from the frame and limit the emotions that can be felt, and…

– Two, my wife is quite convincing, and she loves when I process my images in full color.

So to remove a little sin from my nightly editing and above all, to see that smile on my wife’s face. Because in the end, I love my viewers, but I love my wife’s smile more, :-). So I thought I would re-examine my style, adapt a few old approaches, add in some new ones and create something that would be solely unique to my usual workflow.

Thus, my Cinematic Street approach was born.

It’s a simple process really and not unprecedented. I’m merely carrying out an extremely wide crop and in keeping with my propensity for contrast (I do love a high contrast rating) I’m punching those blacks and adding in a touch of vignette to keep those eyes inside the border. Topping it all off with a little boost to the vibrance and viola… or presto, or alakazam or hocus pocus or whatever magical reveal phrase you most enjoy.

Anyway, without further rambling, I give you a few more examples of what’s to come and I hope you like the direction this is going.

I want to be clear however, my black and white style is hear to stay. Let’s call these new photographic gems, the marshmallows in a bowl of Lucky Charms… and no, not the “child pour” bowl of lucky charms, where most of the actual cereal is tossed back in the box, leaving a pile full of sweet, sweet like nuggets of sugary delight. No, the mix remains balanced and healthy-ish. You must have those processed nutrients to survive.

Cheers and enjoy…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA M43Street M43 Street - 080414 M43Street - 040514

To see more of my street work and to follow new uploads of this style, head over to my Tumblr blog, M43Street (Don’t Lick the Pavement) for a new image every single day.

As of this posting, you will find over 500+ images to flip through. Hmm, 500+… damn, now that I type that, I realize what a hell of a ride its been.

I do love my camera, so very much. Now get out there and tell your own story.