Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA

It was too long a wait and I was getting twitchy.

Cast is off, the pins out, physical therapy underway and usable hand motion has begun it’s return. It was due time to blow the dust off my beloved EM5. Time to get back on the streets. Time to get my photography back on track.

If you follow me at, then you may have already noticed the steam build in the photostream this past week. I can confidently say, I’m getting back into my game and you can’t expect plenty more to come.

Let’s get that shutter flapping, or wait… no, I shoot mirrorless… Um, let’s get that light flashing through the sensor thing. No, that’s too long… I got to think of something more catchy. Eh, hell with it, you know what I mean…

The concrete zoo is calling.

Yeah… I like that.