Down for Maintenance ScreenshotRecently you may have noticed my site experiencing intermittent “down for maintenance” moments, then back up again with various changes, then down again, back up again, rinse repeat.

This is because, A. My propensity for indecision knows no bounds… This is my cross to bear, and B. After some stagnation over the last year or two, it’s time the old site received some love and tender, careful, but relentless updating.

I believe we are closing in on a final design, so you should not experience much more of these wonderful “down for maintenance” messages for at least a little while. However, there are still numerous changes to come. A store section for some kick ass products chilling in the pipeline, a new section for tips and tricks, personal experiences, the condensing of my daily tumblr stream back into my personal website and much more.

So, I guess not all are “changes”, necessarily. More like, additions, consolidation and progression in my wonderful obsession. Yeah, that would be a more appropriate way to describe the future of my little corner of the interwebs here.

Never the less, I thought it worth while to give thanks for your patience and bring this to light. Above all, the current insanity will soon end and sanity can be seen just over the horizon.