San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

BIG #700

Let’s change things up. No need to avoid it. Go ahead, “Lick the Pavement”. No more “Don’ts”… From now on, it’s “Do”. 

The road continues, long and magnificent, with countless miles walked over these past 6 years and 700 shares on In those years, “Don’t Lick the Pavement” has dominated the masthead of my daily photoblog. But why? Why avoid it? Why use “Don’t”? I never do in my work.

While “doing” my work, licking the pavement with the soles of my shoes, I have received so many opportunities that I could not be more grateful for; friends, networks, knowledge, experience, courage, publishings, features, gallery shows, sales, event requests and so much more.

Each new opportunity brings with it immeasurable appreciation to all those willing to give my view of the world a second glance. Ever feeding, yet ever increasing my insatiable hunger for more faces, more characters, more captures for my documentary of the Concrete Zoo. Go, Go Go.. Do, Do, Do.

So, it’s time to do away with the “Don’ts” and admit to licking the damn pavement already.

Today, I’m changing up the Photoblog and it’s masthead title. “Don’t Lick the Pavement” is now “Lick the Pavement“, because, well… I do, with the soles of my shoes, I mean.

RECasperLogo-Lick the Pavement

Furthermore, with all the new projects starting to boil on my stove, I do want to wink wink, nudge nudge, more changes are coming… like more sharing, new products, new issue, upcoming shows… ya know, fun stuff.

Who knows where I will be in the coming weeks, months, 300 posts to the even bigger, 1000 mark. In that, I will use “don’t”. But there is only one way to know, stay tuned here and follow me over at You will know when I do.

Many thanks, as always, for stopping by my neck of the interwebs.

Cheers and goodnight.

– RE Casper