black and white photography

October 2011 – Chicago, IL Fine Art Architecture Photography

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It’s hard to believe its been so long since I took this image. Then again, it’s hard to believe the years its been since we lived in Chicago. The very city, with its amazing people and even better architecture, that sparked my photographic obsession.

Today, I focus on street photography, but I once dabbled much more in fine art architectural work. Something I need to do more of, because it is fun as hell.

This is old Trump Tower downtown and I stood there for what had to be 5-10 minutes, just waiting on something interesting to go by. Low and behold, this awesome flying city rat decided to swoop on in and bam. Had the shot I wanted. Mind you, I snapped off at least four shoots in a row and this was the winner.

Architectural work is a great approach to relaxation photography for me.

Street is my meditation, but like sitting and humming to candlelight, my ass gets sore, focusing on architecture offers a nice, side step from the anxiety that people can bring.

I need to do more.