Deep Sky Colors, The Book. Crowd Funding project by Rogelio Bernal Andreo.

Deep Sky Colors, The Book. Crowd Funded project by Rogelio Bernal Andreo.

There is so much awesomeness in the world. So many amazing interpretations to be shared, to be seen.

We all struggle as artists (photographers, painters, illustrators, performance, etc) to bring our visions to the people [and to find great visions by others]. To share our creativity and spread beauty across the world. At just about each attempt, this proves a daunting, if not improbable task… I know this all to well, with a couple of crowd funding campaigns myself and being a part of a few others.

You can be the best artist in the world, but if you can’t get your vision, your project out there…. few will have the opportunity to appreciate your passion.

This struggle and the fight put forth by each artist I meet, makes me love what I do that much more.

I adore taking time, sifting through artistic endeavors found in crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub and charitable causes through Crowdrise. There are others, but these are the primary sites I like to haunt, seeking not only visual wonder, but inspiration in my own work to boot.

Plus, I do enjoy picking up a new book for my shelves and back a fellow artist now and again. Well, during those times my pockets aren’t empty, at least.

In these moments of sifting, I run across projects that catche my eye. Something with gravity, drawing me in to learn more about the project, the people or person behind it, the goals and talents involved. Of which there are so many.

In an old blog I used to manage, I would showcase a handful at a time and try to brighten up the spotlight shining down on them. I don’t figure it makes a huge difference. I don’t have a huge audience, I have a niche reader/viewership. But never the less, whether its one or a hundred new set of eyes, stumbling across fantastic projects, thats still more than there were before I posted.

I want to rekindle this old weekly showcase of interest and start a new little feature. Maybe call it something catchy, like the “Indie Bump”. I’ll take those unique little artistic projects, scattered across the crowd funding websites and occasionally pop them up on here. Give some opinions and a link to the project so you can take a peak.

While my focus these days lies in photography, I come from years in varying forms of artistic expression; oil paint, illustration, writing and more. These will be the subjects I want to focus on and what you will find me sharing most often.

Often and sadly, I will have no idea who these people are, nor their extent of credibility they have in providing a high quality end product. Or even providing an end result at all. Eh, people, ya know.

Also, I likely have no vested contribution in most of them either. Mind you, there will be many I will buy into, but I just don’t have the funds I wish I could throw at them. So, please do not assume these to be financially endorsed by me. I just think they are interesting, noble or ambitious projects that deserve a second look.

So, let’s check out the first of these projects I stumbled across, just this evening. Advantage #1 (because I’m biased like that) this one originates right here in the Bay area.

Second advantage, I am a sucker for astrophotography. The beauty of the night sky, the humbling nature of the cosmos, the utter lack of comprehension we have for what lies beyond our little corner of the galaxy. Our suburban dead end road, in this Milky Way we call home.

So when I ran across this coffee table book of beauty, I could not let it pass, I had to investigate further and found myself blown away. Hell, with my first share here, it may prove to be one of those I back myself. Though $100 is a tough sell for me at the moment, make no mistake. If this pans out, its substance and depth will be worth every page and more.

The samples alone are nothing short of magnificent. The photographer, Rogelio, has quite the following already it seems and to know why, one need only take a look at this guys portfolio. “Fantastic” and “awe-inspiring” are the words that come to mind.

Here are some samples from his work that you simply must see.


photocrati galleryRogelio, Deep Sky Colors, The Book

This cat rocks a number of great awards and recognition badges from Nasa, SBIG and AIC to name a few. Something tells me the viability of this project successfully providing a product which its pages will leave you routinely drawing your chin back into place, is high.

Admittedly, this project has already completed its crowd funding goal, but the point of me sharing these has just as much to do with the art, as it does bumping to assist in funding. It’s about seeing something beautiful and sharing it to others, who like me, may envision this on our own shelves.

So, head on over, check out what Rogelio is cooking and you may just find yourself wanting it too.