New T-Shirts and Cell Phone Case Products Available Soon! But I need your help to make it happen.

That time has come to open up the flood gates on my photography and incorporate a brand new product for my viewers. I need your help to do it and it’s as simple as a click of a button.

Update: Pledge $20.00 and you can also reserve one today. This is the chance to snag one for well below the future market price. Two Jackson notes will get you one of these bad boys. Let’s rise that percentage funded number to 100% and throw in some votes to get them producing.

Tshirt design on Threadless


Tshirt design on Threadless


For years, I have pursued the art, chased the shadows and now I get the opportunity to share my work in ways I never expected 5 years ago.

I have always wondered what my photography would look like, full-spread across a high quality t-shirt… or even an iPhone case. I dabbled with this last year, but the services provided just didn’t seem to met the standards I reach for in my work… so I gave up, temporarily. Which is, understandable, with only sub-par options available. Because I do not want to offer junk.

Like any artist, we do not work hard to put something out there and get bit by the “cheap shit” response. I pour my heart and soul into what I capture and I want to offer an apparel product that will meet that obsession I put into each and every image of my artwork. Something artistic, something unique, something completely different, that everyone would be proud to don upon thy upper torso (or phone).

With all the changes taking place, this week, I took the plunge into a service I hold respect for, The online marketplace for all things “t-shirt” related. A wonderful company, based back in a city I love, Chicago, who equally prides itself on well designed, unique, high-quality, creative work.

I spent hours surveying the designs they offer, considering the viability of my joining the ranks of awesomeness that can be found on this website… and figured… why the hell not? I can do this.

But I need your help to bring these T-Shirts to reality.

Custom Photographic T-Shirts.

Custom Photographic T-Shirts.

Vote on “Flock of Seagulls”

Vote on “Battle of San Francisco”

The current system is based on an “Accepted”, “Voted”, “Funding” approach for the t-shirts. A purchase will reserve you a shirt at a reduced rate of $20. At least for now…

Wink wink, nudge nudge – “” [link not available yet – but will be soon].

But I have to get it started first.

What I ask, is for you wonderful viewers out there to head over to the links provided within and give my work a vote. It takes all of 5 seconds (depending on internet speed).

Help me raise the voting numbers, jump that funding up to 100%, share this link… get the word out for me. Let’s bring these t-shirts to the world and maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed, it will be available in the coming weeks for purchase. Then, if you dig it, buy yourself one as well.

Please keep in mind, right now is the time to reserve your shirt. It’s $20 bucks at the moment for the funding mission. The price of an indie band t-shirt that you’ll never wear again. So it’ll be a bit more expensive after it (hopefully) goes live. Best time is these 10 days and we can get these designs out there.

If you don’t want to buy, that’s cool… I have about 20 more already in the pipeline to be released, with MANY more to come. This is only the beginning and even every share helps me reach that goal.

That said, please head over to my profile on Threadless and drop a couple votes my way, on the two pieces that were accepted this afternoon.

I only have 10 Days to make this happen. Will you join me?

The deadline for voting is August 29, 2015

Also and equally as cool…. let me know your thoughts on this new direction, in the comments below.

Be sure to stay tuned, for so much more to come.