"Through the Lens" - The Parliament in downtown Oakland, CA

This fine evening, I had the honor of showcasing my work in a local gallery show in Oakland, CA titled, “Through the Lens”.

A fantastic event, hosted and organized by Kristi Lewis, and wow, what an bustling event it became. An immense thank you for all your hard work.

This place was packed to the rafters (in some parts, near literally), with an endless ebb and flow of people throughout the night.

I arrived a little before 8pm myself, just as the doors were about to open and I remained until around 11pm. At which time (and in full admittance), my social anxiety began its subtle ascent. Understandably an odd tick for someone that seeks out people daily with a camera lens. But, alas…

These were some fun ass hours to be had. Talking shop, meeting and learning about other photographers (fellow street photographers to boot), seeing the magnificent work. This was a night of full-throttle photography and there was some damn good talent on those walls.

My appreciation goes out to my good friend James Watkins. Whose initial recommendation to join in on this awesomely chaotic event, I owe completely to even being involved. Many thanks to you sir. Many thanks indeed.

Photography Gallery Show - Oakland, CA

RE Casper and James Watkins – “Through the Lens” gallery event in Oakland, CA

On display, was a high quantity of works from the street (much to my wide smile), some landscapes, some abstract, great night scenes, nudes, lifestyle… even a couple automotive shots. It was an array of independent talents, each living in and photographing the Bay area.

Hell, I got a chance to snap a couple of neat captures, whilst chatting (or sneaking up, depending on perspective). Win/Win

Photography Gallery Show - Oakland, CA

Much thanks to all participating and a big internet fist bump to everyone who visited and took this all in.

… Oh, and what kind of rambling fool would I be, if I didn’t put up the links of these great artists for all of you that didn’t get to make it.

Seriously, check these cats’ out.

[in the order shared on the event page for “Through the Lens”]

Photography Gallery Show - Oakland, CA

Cheers to All!