Ray Cayetano Jr - StreetPXI wanted to quickly announce our first booking for StreetPX.

This week, for Episode 2, we are coming out swinging. I am proud to say, we booked two phenomenal guests in Reynaldo Cayetano Jr. and even the wonderful Sandy Lam lends some great words. Both from the San Francisco based art collective, Inks of Truth for our first interview.

This is going to be the perfect kick off to what StreetPX is all about… The Photographers!

Knowing the extent of his background, the work they do and the incredibly engaging stories Rey has to offer, I can honestly assure you one hell of an interview to kick off the true intent of StreetPX.

Admittedly, this one will be a bit longer than normal, but this kind of storytelling deserves all the time we can offer. It’s worth every minute and I cannot wait to share it.

Many thanks to you both. Not only for stepping into the StreetPX studio, but for everything you do.