Sandy Lam, Casper, Rey Cayetano Jr.

Sandy Lam, Casper, Rey Cayetano Jr.

On Sunday, Rey and Sandy (from the recent StreetPX interview) hosted an art event at a fantastic Filipino restaurant, Pampalasa in San Francisco. Thankfully the stars aligned and I had the opportunity to stop by and enjoy not just the company, but the art, the food and meeting members of their art collective, “Inks of Truth“.

Admittedly it’s a rather small space, but its more than adequate for a very personal event like this. The art on the walls and the prints and hand made works on display just fit the comfortable setting. Not to mention the food. Damn, he was not kidding about how good it was. Truth.

Rey and Sandy – as well as the fellow members of Inks of Truth – focus much of what they do on community and neighborhood. I dig this a lot and was happy to check this event out.

Plus, in addition to personally picking up a piece of Rey’s work to add to my growing photography shrine, I also got to snag a picture with them. Something that, due to getting so wrapped up in the show, I neglected to do.

Great stuff you two.