It’s Live! It’s Live! The Podcast is Alive! Err, I mean Live!…

I’ve announced StreetPX around my various social outlets over the course of the last week, but just now realized I am yet to announce it on my own website. Whoops… see this is what happens when the internet is chocked full of sharing options… You forget to speak about it in your own house.

Anyway, you may have noticed a new little icon of the right hand side of the website recently and wondered what that playback track is all about.

Once you’re done reading below, be sure to click that play button and better yet, subscribe! It’s rough, but it’s fun.

This dream has been sautéing with a healthy helping of planning and a dash of time for a quite a while now, but with the benefit of my good friend Jim Watkins jumping onboard as our Captain Awesome co-host, we finally got this bad boy in the oven.


In our premier Episode, we touched on a few random subjects, but above all, lay the foundation of our intentions here. No interview on that go round. We figured we’d save that for the follow up… once we at least get a grasp on what the hell it is we are doing.

Our goal with StreetPX is to offer a bi-weekly street photography podcast, focusing on the why, the how, the where, the random and above all, the who. We want to speak to and share interviews with fellow street photographers. Share their stories, why they chose this genre, what inspires them and who they are as artists.

If you have any questions or feedback that you’d like to share, please let us know at, or by visiting the Contact page… We’d love to hear from you…

OR, better yet, if you stomp these streets with a camera in hand, let’s see about getting you on the show. Tell us about yourself and let us share your story one the digital airwaves.

Hit play on the right and stay tuned….  The street awaits.