It’s Lecture Time!

Well, not that annoying “you know what you did” parental lecturing. More like, “this is what I do and you can too”, cool uncle lecturing. The best kind of lecture.

Harvey Milk Photo Lecture Series July 2016

Harvey Milk Photo Lecture Series July 2016

Needless to say, there is tremendous amount of awesomeness going on right now and it’s hard to set aside time to announce it all.

Today, I want to quickly write about something which has me pinching myself. Well, not literally, that hurts and I tend to avoid self inflicted pain.

Anyway, an invitation has been offered some time back, for me to give a guest lecture at the Harvey Milk Photo Center this July. In the last week, it’s become official. With a flyer, announcement, all that legit jazz. Believe it or not, there are people who want to hear this old country fool speak on my experiences and technique in the street. Truth!

Quickly, a little background about The Harvey Milk Photo Center. First off, in years past, it was known as the San Francisco Photo Center, but changed names shortly after a relocation to the Harvey Milk Recreation Center. By whichever name you know of, it’s officially 75 years old and the longest running dark room in the US. That is pretty damn cool, no matter how you cut it.

I visited the facility a couple of months back and spoke with Monique. She is one of the fantastic staff members over there who I initially reached out to me with this invitation. It was a fun experience and of course, I couldn’t walk away without signing up for a membership. Sadly, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had the chance to even enjoy it… but very soon, I will.

Bonus, while there I had a great talk with director, Dave Christiansen. An extremely knowledgeable, passionate artist, leader and appreciator of the craft. Through which, there were many potential future developments, as well. But more on that another day.

Beyond the obvious epic nature of the darkroom and printing equipment, all of which are free use for members, they also conduct a number of classes during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Seasons… as well as this very engaging Photo Lecture Series (the point of this post), I’m referring to today… This one occurs once a month, randomly throughout the year.

This Photo Lecture Series, is an hour and a half of artists speaking on their art. Comprised of three separate photographers, often in varying avenues of the industry. It could be street (such as my own), it could be fine art, modeling, landscapes and more. An opportunity for the artist’s to share their experiences, their approach, offer tips and advice, background… pretty much whatever they want to share for 30 minutes. Think TedTalks, but on a small scale. More intimate and a better opportunity to put up questions and really get down to the foundation of the subject at hand.

Personally, I love speaking in front of people. I love teaching, sharing and pushing the art form forward. I’m what one could call an advocate of the knowledge & awareness of the arts. Ya know… not really a master of that knowledge, just knowing enough to be dangerous and spreading that to others. Aesthetic catastrophe for the masses.

So this opportunity obviously has me doing a dance.

As the graphic above shows, all of this is going down on July 14th at 6:30pm at the Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco.

My intention is to give a quick run down on my background in the arts, the traditional media that started my career, how I came to the camera (and why)… How my work has evolved and what I do to make the artwork you see in my portfolio and social media. A how, what, when were and why of sorts… all rolled into a 30 minute or less bombarding of information. Oh, and a neat slideshow and video to boot!

I’d love to see you there, so mark your calendars for July 14th.