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Firmware 1.02 Update

Me being angry at my -Pro2, before sending it back.

Me being angry at my -Pro2, before sending it back.

Well, Shit!… The current X-Pro2 got sick and must be sent off to pasture.

When I purchased this little beauty, I had heard whispers, of an albeit limited, but devastating issue occurring with many units out there. Referred to as the “Off On Error”. Pretty much, in use, it will randomly give you a warning message across the screen, requesting you “turn the camera off, then back on again”.

That’s pretty much it, you can’t do anything more, but turn it off and back on. It’s like a blue screen of death for Windows computers.

Fujifilm X=Pro2 Off/On Error Message

[UPDATE: Got a picture – Fujifilm X=Pro2 Off/On Error Message]

Anyway, I’ve put the old beast through a rather brisk, but extensive product shoot last week (still working on those images) and didn’t have any trouble. Though, it was pedestrian work. Sitting on a tripod, click the button, change out the product, rinse repeat.

But Sunday was Street day… A day to see how this bird does in real, pavement stomping labor.

So, I ventured over the bridge, parked off beside Samy’s Camera (a good place to set anchor and get where I want easily, plus remember where I parked)….

I set off clicked a couple frames, smiled at the purdy results and Boom!… two blocks in and I was being asked to restart my little black box of fun. The Off On Error hit me square in the gut.

Okay, now I’m irritated… But hey, maybe it’s not too bad. I’ll try to justify this can’t be it, it’s a fluke. That’s what I’ll tell myself and it will be okay. I’m just being paranoid, right?… I could ignore this and act like it didn’t happen… So… Restart, scratch my head, settle my nerves, march on… ya know…

Boom! Again…. not even 5 images clipped before she went down on me a second time. Off On… Off On… Off On….

Damnit Fuji! Why must you do this now?

Well, I mushed through, continuing my march of the street, because that’s what ya do. You make the gear work for you, even when it’s on wounded knee.

Mind you, my stomach churned and my rage increased as the day went on, but I did get 2 miles out of the afternoon… So there’s that.

I got a handful of fun images though… Here are some examples.

Street Photography - San Francisco

Street Photography – San Francisco

Street Photography - San Francisco

Street Photography – San Francisco

Street Photography - San Francisco

Street Photography – San Francisco

Sadly, I was too pissed off to get an image of the error… and couldn’t replicate it after it came to mind that it would be beneficial to have. Eh, oh well… C’est la vie. [added above]

I know what now has to be done… with much tension in my jaw. Time to send her back and be hopeful for a more positive round 2…

I’m not giving up yet…

Fingers crossed the next unit will be all roses… rather than rising daisies.

… Insert Angry Words Here…

Settings at the time (that I can remember:

  • OVF Only engaged
  • ISO400
  • 35mmF2 R lens attached
  • Auto shutter speed
  • ummm… that’s all I got… my memory sucks