What is up, you magnificent shutter heads out there!

[Update: Scroll to bottom of post for an Interaction Map of all Photowalks]

Do you enjoy walking the streets with a camera in hand, capturing life in the moment? Do you find good conversation with fellow photographers, a stimulation of inspiration? Are you going to be in or coming to the bay area during the Streetfoto International Street Photography Festival next week? Better yet, are you interested in joining yours truly here, for a photowalk through the Mid-Market neighborhood?

Well, get this, on Monday, I’m leading an army of shutter heads through the streets of San Francisco.

Mid-Market Photowalk Route Map

Mid-Market Photowalk Route Map

Meet-Up Spot

It’s free, it’s going to be a gorgeous out (when is it not in the Bay?) and we’re ending the route at EyeEm to catch a great exhibit from some of the top names in street photography today.

Seriously, I want to see more faces there. Let’s meet up, load those SD cards (and film, because some of us still do that) and hit the streets.

Sign up Today!

This photowalk is scheduled for June 6th, meeting up in the Civic Center Plaza at 4PM. We’ll bob and weave in and around the area for a couple hours, until we reach EyeEm on 9th street at 6PM, right as the doors are opening for the EyeEm x StreetFoto group show: The Streets of San Francisco. Neat cherry on top… *badly singing words* “Complimentary Happy Hour!!”

It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’d love for you to join.

Oh, did I mention it’s all FREE (including the EyeEm exhibit)! I did already, didn’t I? Well, hey, the best things in life can still be free, folks.

If you can’t make mine (shame on you) , there’s still a chance to meet up with some of the other magnificent Bay area shooters during the 5 additional photowalks going on this week. With routes in the Financial District, Mission, SOMA, Chinatown… just an mass of photographic nuts, marching through the streets. The local population is going to certainly take notice and if you’re just starting out, here’s a tip… there is courage in numbers for those timid beginners and this is the perfect opportunity to test the waters.

It’s going to be a BLAST!!!