Whats up good peoples… Now and then, I notice these “unboxing” videos out there, when looking for info on new gear and there often fun to watch.

That said, I had a wonderful package arrive today, so I thought I might do my own. I mean, hell, inside was my much desired Fujinon 23mm and I want to share that excitement with you good folks.

Disclaimer: Don’t seek a full review here. This is merely me being excited and dropping in some simple first thoughts, as compared physically to the 35mm f2. (review coming later)

Also, here are a few things that came to light after recording, that I want to mention.

  • The build quality on this lens is solid, just as it is on it’s cousin, the 35mm f/2. It’s all metal with a plastic lens hood.
  • The size isn’t a great deal different than the 35mm, as noted in the video. But when dropping it in my little Domke 5XB afterward, the lens hood does put it a bit over the line for depth. So I do have to realign my dividers a touch, or pack it long ways in the bag to account for this. I definitely didn’t expect that, but there you have it.
  • Viewer Question Received – “Is the focus ring ‘fixed’ or ‘by-wire'”?
    • It is in fact a “by-wire” system, with an infinite spinning focus ring. It’s not ideal, but thats the bricks. So keep that in mind you manual focus shooters out there. It’s still damn nice and solid though. Albeit a bit more friction than the 35mm, which may agree with many of you that like a nice solid spin like myself.

Oh and one more thing… Somewhere along the way in the video, I referred to the 35mm as a f1.2 lens… Please note, I meant f2. No idea why the hell I said that.

Keep an eye out for my full review on this new shiny (want to stretch its legs first), as well as a write up on my Fuji X-Pro2, 35mm f2, 56 f1.4 and the 10-24mm f4. All coming soon.