After a long awesome day, including an ass crack of dawn doc appt to get my medication renewed (all good), an engaging morning interview with good friend and photojournalist Dwayne Newton (more on that tomorrow – another homerun) and a hell of a fun photo walk and dinner with Peter Rosos, James Watkins and the mighty Valerie Jardin (photos from that walk coming soon),

I finally got home to rest and ended up missing my run over to Oakland during the height of the protest. Not worried about it though. It’s pretty much guaranteed there will be another to cover this weekend.

That said, as the evening carried on, I got an itch and simply couldn’t help myself. So I ended up running over there anyway and captured some imagery of the aftermath along Broadway.

I’m seeing a lot of great images floating around of the protest itself. I just thought it’d be interesting to capture some isolated shots of what was left in it’s wake.

Additionally… While speaking to a guy in the street, who insisted on telling me his story (of which, I wanted to hear)… I was taking a photo of some graffiti and got interested in a reaction, as he inched into my frame… I asked if he wanted to be in the image and his response was something to remember.

“THE HELL YOU SAY!!! Trump come and kill me!”

This was not said at me in anger. This was genuine concern and pretty telling of the mood at the time.

See the full documentary project, on my project page, Post Election Protests 2016+.

Post Election Protests #1 – Oakland 11/09/2016


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