This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting my first Lightroom Level 1 class at San Francisco’s Harvey Milk Photo Center. With six eager students and software so deep, I could drown at least a dozen politicians, I knew my weekend was going to be a blast… Hmm, well actually, politicians retain a lot of hot air… maybe half a dozen. But Lightroom is robust and that is the main point there.

Anyway, I’m already rambling. So yes, weekend, workshop, Lightroom, awesome students. I got to say, it is such a great experience pulling together folks that are there to learn something new… and actually want to be there to learn it. (Sorry, I used to train employees)

Those that can, do… Those that can do in the face of resistance, teach…

Now this was an introductory course, one that was built completely on the foundation of “What is this Lightroom you speak of?”, “How can this sorcery help me” and “For fucks sake, this isn’t what I signed up for… my head is hurting and it’s lunchtime on day 1. Please stop!”

Ya know, that kind of thing. 😉

The class was well rounded, with familiarity in Lightroom and general technical inclinations ranging from both sides of the pendulum. But no matter the arriving ability, the goal was simple…. To simply understand the mechanisms.

No one is going to be a master overnight. I’m ten years in and still crack a book or Google search a feature or tool on the regular. My headdrive just doesn’t have the storage capacity. Plus, having something new to learn is half the fun.

Day 1 and 2 both went as scheduled (sans the heat from seven smoking brains in a narrow room for 5 hours each day) and I must admit… for my teaching style, which I might describe as a semi-structured form of “winging it… with flare”, I was very happy in how well the class kept up, tossed out questions and worked with one another. Admittedly, I work fast, talk fast and by relation, instruct fast… so it’s always great to have a class so engaged and focused. Especially when I overhear the occasional “Ohhh” and “Ahhh” lightbulb moment.

The cool thing about Lightroom, especially when demonstrating it, is you can see in the wrinkled posture of a person’s brow, that they aren’t just thinking about the activity at hand. But also, what they can do with the feature they are learning. There’s this kick ass look of forward planning taking place, that is difficult to describe. I saw this in this class, some very verbally, haha, and ya know what… that is what it’s all about.

Now, all of that of course leads me up to the following shameless self-promotion. If you are looking to get in gear with Lightroom, or simply want to shake off the dust and add some new tricks to your bag, then keep an eye on my Workshops page, as two more classes are coming this Spring. Lightroom Level 1 for those who are looking to tread in on the shallow end… and Level 2, for anyone foolish enough to venture out to the briny deep with me.

Warning, I can not swim. Seriously, I sink… We may drown… BUT, we will be learning all the way down.

Oh, and if Lightroom ain’t your thing, then check out “Eyes on the Street”, my upcoming San Francisco Street Photography Course. But jump in quick, as of this writing, there are only 2 slots remaining. [More Info Here]