Post 2016 Election Protests

Documentary Project











The Idea

Following a shocking victory by now President Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton on Nov 9, US citizens have taken to the streets to express their disapproval en masse. As such, we find ourselves in a very pivotal moment in our nation’s history. This event, coupled by a series of politically and socially volatile decisions, have in fact set in motion, a movement that could very well change the path of our nation… either for the better, or for the worst.

As a photographer with a long history of documenting and attending protest demonstrations, I am inspired to create a comprehensive… or at least coherent… collection of photographs and journal entry descriptions, to record the ongoing evolution of this socio-political shift.

Please be prepared, this read may eventually prove to be a long form endeavor.

The Project

Some areas, such as here in the Bay Area, seem to have a natural talent for protesting. In a 10 mile radius, we have San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley…. Each, even on their own, are the very definition of “politically charged”.

This project will provide an ongoing photographic journal of my election related protest coverage. Each segment will be posted chronologically, focused on the demonstrations that I attend. Content will include documentary style imagery, with brief journal entries describing the experience. Writing style is informal – foundational on perception at the time of capture, with information verified by reliable source.

It will be through this project, that I will develop a visual and written record of this pivotal moment in American history and create my very own, “fixed point in time”.

Post Election Protests #1 – Oakland 11/09/2016

– Day 1 –

November 9, 2016 (Oakland, CA)

I arrived shortly after the mayhem had fully wained, hell bent on capturing the calm following the storm. After a quick Lift ride, I landed on Broadway, in downtown Oakland, around 1AM and was immediately struck by a deep sense of eerie. There was barely a soul in the streets and I found a city left in ruin.

I must say, I was admittedly disappointed to miss the peak of insanity, but very happy to capture sites that few others would get.

Broadway Street / Telegraph Street

Estimated Crowd Size: ~7000

30 Arrests / 3 Officers Injured


For over an hour, I kicked along playing hopscotch over the tattered debris of discarded protest signs, the charred remains of what was ones a trash dumpster, random left shoes and an endless twinkling of glass shards lying upon the pavement like bright carpets leading up to their respective storefronts.

As I walked along the graffiti filled walls, I stumbled upon some life, albeit the police and not who I really wanted to cross paths with that evening, but life none the less and grabbed a few shots… but found myself far too drawn to the destruction, and proceeded to capture until I felt content and set sail for home.

Estimated Reports of Vandalism: 16

Trash Can Fires: 40


“Non-Lethal” weaponry used:

  • CS Blast Disperson Grenade
    • CS Gas/Powder

“Frontline” on PBS, put together an in-depth description of the substance and it’s effects: You can find it here “A Primer on CS Gas.”