The Street Trinity

...get a handle on exposure

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of different designs for the exposure triangle. For my street photography workshop, I am in the process of creating a compendium for my students, with all the information I can supply. Which is where my last post was derived, “The Street Method”.

As I expand, I thought it would be great to incorporate this graphic into my own process… Thing is, I needed it to match the genre. So, I figured, why not recreate the original exposure triangle, add a ton of infographics and skew this information to better match a street photographers needs.

To top it off, I tossed in some tick marks, reflecting the settings I commonly use.

If your new to the craft, feel free to print this graphic out, until you get a grasp on the trinity. I assure you, the technical points are just as important as the creative… Without it, you will spend your days missing every shot.

Oh, and please bear in mind, these tick marks are suggestions. Weather comes in varying degrees of the subtle and the extreme and far too unpredictable to stick with only three settings. Thus, the gradient range bar was added and I declared this graphic complete..

I hope it helps you.