Documentary Projects

...photographic human interest stories

They Saved Our Lives: California Redwood Fire of 2017

On October of 2017, a wildfire ravaged Redwood Valley, California, leaving death and desolation in its wake. On the 18th of October, CJ Lucero and myself traveled to the area to speak with victims and document the damage caused by the fires. This documentary series combines still imagery, video, audio and text to shares a story of loss, love and strength.

Level 90: A Cleveland Family Celebration

Growing older is a difficult, unavoidable path that only gets harder with time. For many, this inevitability is handled with grace and pride with the love of close family and friends. This documentary project takes a brief look at the Mcintyre family, as they come together in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH to celebrate the 90th birthday of father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Erwin Mcintyre.

Villaroo: Blood Not Required

In the heartland of the rural American Midwest, “family” is not defined by the blood in your veins, but by trust and respect built over time. This documentary project offers a glimpse of that bond, as a small group of friends from Villa Ridge, Illinois return home to celebrate new milestones, reminisce over simpler times and indulge on southern cooking and moonshine until the campfire fades away.