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I've been constantly impressed with the teaches are Harvey Milk, but Casper really went above and beyond. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he was also VERY patient with a group that had a lot of basic questions about file management and organization. He spent our "breaks" giving individual help and always offered to stay late to answer additional questions. We covered an extraordinary amount of material- especially given the varied level of computer facility of the people in the class. It was very clear that he is passionate about photography and about sharing his passion with others.

Elizabeth C.

Casper was an amazing instructor, very patient to all the students at the class. We were all impressed with how he mastered the material and shared with us his work and passion for photography.

Silvia C.

Excellent class/workshop. Casper offered just the right blend of information, instruction and practical knowledge and experience. He is very knowledgeable, efficient and practical and had lots of technical tips and techniques to offer. He is a good communicator and has a great way of providing critical feedback without being critical! This is a great class to get introduced to street photography, what it is and isn't, how to connect with other photographers, and to learn what's going in the San Francisco area.
Good work Casper. Thank you!

Michael C.

I really enjoyed this class and believe you are on the right tract by making it 3 days. I would have signed up for part 2 if available, Thanks for your patience and expertise and for being generous in sharing your knowledge. I appreciate the presets you sent and wish we could have seen you using them in action. A third day would be great to be able to see you use Lr more, once the general concepts are covered. Thanks again.

Liz L

Amazing class. Got a lot from my experience there.This is a great way to explore different areas in the city and to learn about its hidden gems. Also, Casper was great, he showed us many techniques in: finding beauty in many places, using our equipment, and in editing. I would recommend his lessons to anyone.

Michael Z.

You covered all and beyond what were described in the Beginning Adobe Lightroom 1 course. You even discussed the best possible NAS backup system including subscription to the iCloud storages, You gave us the tips and techniques on how to go about developing photos and images beside setting up the best possible organization of File Management and Archiving. Thanks for the class.

Reynaldo M.

First the instructor was professional, patient, thoughtful & enthusiastic in his class lessons & provided equal support of each student. Casper was very interactive during questions & encouraged each student to experiment to learn more about the workings of Lightroom.

Maria M.

This workshop was truly inspirational and a fabulous learning experience in the shooting of people. It was also an opportunity for understanding of light, color, gesture and photo artistic process. A new way of seeing has opened up for me. Casper's inspirations, methods, and advice encouraged me to go out and really look at the world from a whole new perspective. We had intense and supportive dialogue on all creative things through a camera’s aperture with his experience and talent as the lens providing the focus on people. After this workshop, I am inspired and motivated to start shooting again more regularly and with a regained passion and desire to do so…my hopes were beyond fulfilled. Thank you Casper!


I've been using Lightroom to the best of my abilities, figuring out what I needed as I went along. This class efficiently provided an overview of best practices, and corrected some of my incorrect assumptions. While there is always more to learn; after this class, I feel like I'm a capable and competent Lightroom user.

Larry H.

Eyes on the Street was an excellent class. Casper is very knowledgeable and the class is organized very well. The information and examples provided were organized into a great booklet, so you don't have to scramble to jot things down on the run. Casper really takes the time to understand what each student hopes to learn or improve on and then checks in throughout the class about your goals, and to offer tips and ideas. I learned so much from this class, it was great!

Paige L

Lightroom 1 with Casper was "just what the doctor ordered!". He was organized, energetic, thorough and thoughtful in his presentation……and fun. Lightroom is such a powerful, complicated program and it needs a guide like Casper to walk you through the organization, learn on how to focus on the important points and see how they pertain to setting up your workflow and then how to start to apply its powerful tools. It could have been overwhelming but Casper saw what the value was to beginners and could bring his wealth of experience to play in guiding us through it's most valuable parts. I definitely hope to take further classes with him, especially Lightroom 2 and would recommend this class to anyone who wants to understand the value of Lightroom to their photo organization and editing.

Martin E

RE Casper's Street Photography Educational Walk was amazing. It far exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal about my camera and equipment and shooting methods, in addition to things to look for on the street, and what makes a good street (or any) photograph. Casper shared tips and techniques throughout our lively walks through many of San Francisco's most colorful neighborhoods. He was extremely generous with his knowledge, and spontaneous in response to our needs and the conditions on the street. He made the workshop a really fun experience, while deepening my understanding of and competence with street photography. I can't wait to take another class!

Suz L.

This was a great class! Casper was a wonderful instructor, and the small class size allowed us the opportunity to learn from him with a lot of one-on-one attention. He made it very easy for the members of the group to interact with one another, and see what everyone else was doing. I look forward to taking more classes from Casper in the future.

Brian K.

It was a great class and I learned a lot. There was technical information but it wasn't overwhelming. The teacher met each student where the were. He was patient, focused and engaging. It was nice to explore the SF through a different lens. The relaxed approach was helpful. I also loved the time taken to review each participant's picture and provide feedback.

I look forward to learning more! Offer more classes. 🙂

Karen J.

Excellent class! RE Casper is a great teacher, gave us great examples, feedback and tools. Having “field” time followed by detailed feedback was super helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another class with him! Highly recommend.

Manisha K.

Loved it. Was overwhelmed. But as you say I will start experimenting and see what works. I loved your enthusiasm and thought your explanations to my questions were spot on.

Eamonn T.

I thought that RE Casper was very well prepared to teach Lightroom 1. The course was well-organized and the outline was well thought-out! The pace of the course was reasonable and we received a sold overview or the Lightroom software. I found that RE Casper was very patient with students and gave adequate time for questions and explanations. The course was a good introduction to Lightroom. I know there is much more to learn, and I look forward to Lightroom 2. Thanks.

Frank V

Just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation! Thank you so much for everything, I am taking a lot away from the course and have a solid understanding of the program – I am excited to start exploring.

Megan S

Spent this weekend taking RE Casper's Lightroom 1 class at the Harvey Milk Photo Center. I've used Lightroom for 6 years; Casper clearly explained the tool well enough for me to understand just how limited and inefficient my use of it has been! I recommend this course for any user of Lightroom who either is new to it or is sure they don't understand it well enough!

Michael K

Just like the genre of Street Photography this class is quick paced and exciting. Quick paced in the sense that I captured over 700 images over three days while walking in excess of 15 miles exploring 6 divergent areas of San Francisco. Exciting in the sense that from the images I captured I learned and was able to practice and receive valuable feedback on the art of focus, composition, and lighting in relation to presenting the "story" of the street. Thank you

Charles K

Casper is a terrific instructor. The workshop is fast paced, efficient, and clearly well-thought out. Casper has obviously thought about how to approach not just the workshop, but teaching itself. His instructions are clear, he repeats instructions and directions when necessary, and answers questions both immediately and during breaks. I went home knowing how to use LightRoom. I thoroughly enjoy Casper's upbeat and friendly delivery and will take other courses by him. He goes out of his way before the class to provide us with handouts that we may need...

Sue WR