Course Topics: Street, Lightroom and Instructional Photo Walk

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RE Casper


My name is RE Casper. I was born and raised in rural Southern Illinois began my path in the arts in 2001.

In Mounds, IL I was the art director of an international vehicle graphics company and later moved to Chicago, IL to become more familiar with photographing the human element.

I now live in northern California, specializing professionally in street and documentary photography, architecture/real estate, live events, products and fine art photography. I also teach workshops on street photography and Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop to curious and passionate photographers locally and abroad.

In addition to my photography, I produce and co-host the photography podcast, StreetPX. Focused on interviewing street photographers, documentary photographers and photojournalists from around the world. We conduct full length discussions centered on the artist, inspiration, the craft, gear, current news and random topics every other week.

Check out the show on StreetPX, iTunes, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio and many more services.


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