The Bag

...the shi-tuff I carry

I’d be a liar if I said gear didn’t matter to me. I enjoy the occasional gear talk. Ya know, diving through rumor mills, researching new shiny, testing some kind of new fangled bullshit, that I will subsequently hand over hard worked duckets, in order to swallow up with misty eyed joy.

But I’m not speaking on the “Gear = Better Photographer” correlation. Which the anti-thesis to this statement is gear doesn’t matter and that is a patently false statement as well. You’re not gonna take a lego camera to the sideline of the Superbowl. That would just be dumb.

Buying a Leica however, will not make you the next Joel Meyerwitz.

Why I enjoy gear, is frankly, because I am my father’s son… and when a 2x4 may suffice for a wall, a 2x6 must be used. The same goes for my photographic gear. I grew up without access to the best of things, it was modest, with small blips of material euphoria. A Super Nintendo here and over there, a go cart that couldn’t be started without someone holding the ass end up in the air. In the end, the importance behind the what, was what mattered.

Now that I am older and I work my ass off, I like to go out and get those nice things. It doesn’t make me a better photographer, it makes me feel better…  and truthfully, it damn sure won’t make me worse.

Anyway, that rant now over, if you still want to see what I hide in my little shoulder bag, then check it out below.

Fuji XPro 2

The newest addition to my arsenal. I’m on body #2 (first suffered from Off/On error), but this camera was love at first site. I didn’t think it fair to ignore a second chance.

I’m currently putting this one through the motions and plan to have a nice write up shortly.

XF 35mm F2

XF 56mm F1.2

XF 10-24mm f4

XF 23mm f2

Leica M4

+ Voigtlander 35mm f2.5

Ahhh, what collection would be complete without a touch of nostalgia. Now I admit, analog imagery is a rare item to be added to my photographic portfolio. But like you may hear often, its a very humbling experience. Even Zen-like.

This camera was my holy grail and I tucked cash under the pillow for a long while to eventually justify the purchase. Particularly for a camera that is simply and truly a personal piece, for personal work. It is, the trophy I always wanted and can finally say it’s mine. What I do with it now, is anyones guess.

I wrote a little about my acquisition Here.

The Domke F5xb

As photographers, we tend to have a natural obsession with finding the “perfect bag”… and that perfect bag always seems to be the next one. Never the one you have. That sounding familiar… Yeah, then welcome to the world of photography.

Anyway, I have found the mighty coelacanth, the full size spare… yeah, I am talking, the perfect street bag.

Not to small, not to big, holds two cameras, couple lenses, my extra bits, batteries and such. As well as my very important notebook. Mind you, I do not carry a DSLR… but for you fellow mirrorless converts, its the holy grail. Also, don’t be cheap… just get the Ruggedwear. You won’t be disappointed. Also, don’t get carried away waxing that thing either. A little dab every four square inches will do.

Highly recommended speedlite. Cheap, durable and feature rich for the price. You can get multiple units for the same price as its famous cousin the Canon Speedlite 440. Get yourself one of these. Trigger flash, quick refresh rate, adjustable zoom and width and even the new model has an LCD back screen. Whats not to love for under 100 Bucks? Warning: Bright as a super nova.

The Other Stuff

This is a wonderful tripod. Five years old and after salt water, sand and dust, it’s still going strong. Compact when broken down, tall when extended out. Light as a feather. The legs articulate to give a wider stance and lower anchor point. I also have to note the upper foam wrapping on the legs. This is priceless when working in the cold, as aluminum gets cold as a well diggers ass.

Misc. Accessories

  • Sekonic L-208 Lightmeter – Gotta get that light right
  • Fedora, Cardinals cap or something – Gotta sport some headwear
  • Sunglasses – …or unprotected eyes
  • Macbook Pro – Editing and all that
  • Wacom Pro Medium – Much better than a mouse
  • Pen (G2) & Notebook – Very picky of my writing equipment
  • Crown Royal bag – For odds and ends, also doubles well as a lens bag
  • Google Pixel – Cause I gotta be connected, also for the tunes and a damn good camera
  • Zoom H4 Recorder – Best band for the buck
  • Asus Powerpack – 4x Full juice ups on the cell phone