California State Democratic Convention 2017

event & documentary photography

Event Description

Recently, I had the honor of documenting the high velocity life of a candidate, during the 3-Day 2017 California State Democratic Convention.

Unfortunately, I am unable to divulge detailed information or those “behind the scenes” images just yet. That project is currently being developed and you’ll have to be patient until completion and I’m given the green light to go public.

Now, that’s not to say that I have nothing yet to share though… Quite the contrary. See that’s the wonderful nature of documenting such an event… There are times when a client may want privacy and it’s in these moments I venture out and capture the wild circus, outside the circle.

So kick back and enjoy this teaser set of my time at the California State Democratic Convention… the best is yet to come!

Event Detail


Sacramento Convention Center (Sacramento, CA)


May 2017


Fuji XPro2 & Fuji XT20

23mm f/2 // 56 f/1.4 // XF 50-140 f/2.8

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