Dogs of Miramar

event photography

Project Description


In 2015, I was called to the Miramar community in Foster City, CA to cover their yearly “Doggy Carnival”. This event, put on by the community management of Prometheus Real Estate Group, brought pet owners together in a fun social atmosphere. Fenced areas were cordoned off, kiddy pools were pumped full and pet costumes lay in piles for all to enjoy.


Photograph the pets for the company website, for use in marketing campaigns and as gifts for the residents.

Project Detail


Prometheus Real Estate Group


July 2015


Olympus OMD EM-5


Miramar Apartments, Foster City, CA


The stoic fella came by to sniff around the carnival, but he was an older guy and not too keen on staying. Fortunately I was able to capture this image of him, because with much sadness, he past away the following day after our event. We were able to get this photograph printed and mounted in a nice frame to give the owner as a heartfelt gift for his loss. (The company is very pet friendly and near every employee is a petmom or petdad)

All along the way, he had his feisty little dachshund watching over him. (seen below)

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