Oakland 11/11/2016

documentary photography //  protests

Project Description

Following Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election in November 2016, US citizens took to the streets in force and often, to express their disapproval with the state of the union.

This featured “Day” is part of an on-going project to share what I see, while covering various protests throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Project Detail


November 11, 2016


Broadway/Telegraph, Oakland, CA

November 11, 2017

The police force was still in full form and early on, had some odd dealings with the crowd. With some cops randomly running up at the parameter of the people, baton in hand and abruptly stopping and backing up. Kinda like when a dog is barking at a cat… leaping forward and inching backwards.

Very odd… Its actually kinda tiresome, watching some of these attempts to exacerbate the crowd, especially considering the rather smaller size of this group.


The evening went off without little to no drama. Even with the apparent police instigation, the crowd held firm. We weaved for a while, meet up with another, smaller group and eventually everything tapered off as they moved further toward Berkeley.

I decided to call it a night early, but still came home with a great amount of imagery.

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