Post 2016 Election Protests

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The Idea

Following a shocking victory by now President Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton on Nov 9, US citizens have taken to the streets to express their disapproval en masse. As such, we find ourselves in a very pivotal moment in our nation's history. This event, coupled by a series of politically and socially volatile decisions, have in fact set in motion, a movement that could very well change the path of our nation... either for the better, or for the worst.

As a photographer with a long history of documenting and attending protest demonstrations, I am inspired to create a comprehensive... or at least coherent... collection of photographs and journal entry descriptions, to record the ongoing evolution of this socio-political shift.

Please be prepared, this read may eventually prove to be a long form endeavor.

The Project

Some areas, such as here in the Bay Area, seem to have a natural talent for protesting. In a 10 mile radius, we have San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley.... Each, even on their own, are the very definition of "politically charged".

This project will provide an ongoing photographic journal of my election related protest coverage. Each segment will be posted chronologically, focused on the demonstrations that I attend. Content will include documentary style imagery, with brief journal entries describing the experience. Writing style is informal - foundational on perception at the time of capture, with information verified by reliable source.

It will be through this project, that I will develop a visual and written record of this pivotal moment in American history and create my very own, "fixed point in time".

Post Election Protests #4 – Oakland 11/13/2016

– Day 5 –

November 13, 2016 (Oakland, CA)

It has been quite an experience, documenting the various protests these last few days in Oakland, CA.

While I am also seeing great imagery coming from San Francisco as well, for me, I feel a bit of a connection to Oakland and have chosen to focus my lens on this town for my ongoing Protest project. I may get over the SF soon, but with Oakland changing gears so frequently, I doubt I’ll be lacking any stories to tell with that choice.

This past Sunday, residents of Oakland, CA organized a different kind of protest than the ones I’ve been covering.


Gathering Location: Lake Merritt

Estimated Attendance: ~8,000

People gathered around the edge of Lake Merritt around 3PM, to hold hands in solidarity against the results of the recent Presidential election and against the current wave of hate and violence befalling the United States of America.

A marked shift in the approach to the protests in Oakland over the last few days.

The mood was relaxed, the groups were full of families, including numerous small children. At times, it kinda reminded me of the photos from the anti-war protests of the late 60’s era. It was yet another great event to be a part of throughout these times and an honor to capture imagery that will keep record of this day for years to come.

Sweep of the Lake

Live Stream

During a long walk around, I discovered an impressive show of togetherness. Stumbling upon multiple clusters of folks singing, shaking/holding hands, getting to know one another.

It was quite a beautiful site and with the benefit of my little hot shoe, cell phone holder device thing, I was able to record video along the way. Which, I think, adds some extra flavor to the project.

Lake Side Sing-a-Long