Surviving the Concrete Zoo – Photography Tips Worth Sharing

Surviving The Concrete ZooRecently, I met up with a great friend in the Bay for a downtown hunt of characters in our local concrete zoo. Before we leapt upon the pavement, we had some really good discussions on the art of street photography, the shooters we know, workshops, how people approach it. We talked about the mishaps we experienced and those mishaps we witness in others

In this reunion of two good friends and the spark of passion in our art, I was inspired to put together an evolving list of various photography tips that may just be worth taking to the street with you. Just random thoughts, I’ve picked up along the way.

Some of these tips you may find helpful along your photographic journey, some are assuredly redundant to countless other photography tips you’ve brushed through and many may not be helpful in any way. That’s cool though. If even one of these assist you in your pursuits, then I’ll be satisfied in what I’ve wrote here.

Linked headlines. Navigate through for my expansion on the random thought. Updated regularly.

  • Be courageous, just don’t be a “Dick with a camera”

  • Listen to your gut

  • Forget about the gear, and embrace the lust

  • Loneliness is a good thing

  • Be honest, don’t stage

  • Focus on the shadows

  • Buy some good running shoes

  • A smile goes a long way

  • Walk… walk some more, then just keep walking

  • Don’t be afraid to loiter (our first contradiction)

  • Study the background of the scene

  • Practice… practice some more, then just keep practicing

  • No more excuses to stay home

  • Be adventurous

  • Find your camera comfort zone

  • Stop chimping

  • Watch people

  • Your style will find you

  • Let photos age like wine

  • Set an organization system and stick with it

  • Save your presets

  • Know your rights

  • Back up your archives

  • 3% return ain’t bad

  • You’re going to miss great moments

  • Be surgically selective with your keepers – Use this “1/2 by 3” technique

  • Walk light, don’t overpack