Oakland Protest Against White Supremacy & Support SB54 – August 16, 2017

Oakland Protest Aug 16, 2017 - Support for SB54 protest photography Project Description Photographic coverage of protest demonstration. A little over 100 people (my estimate) visit Lakeside Drive in Oakland, CA to peacefully sit-in on the steps of the City...
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Got my Hands on Project Nimbus – Shhh, don’t tell Adobe

Somehow, I was one of the lucky few that got their hands on an mistakenly released copy of Adobe Nimbus. So, what did I do, I tinkered for a few hours and started typing… getting some thoughts out there as fast as I could, before it “got resolved”.

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Long Winded Lightroom Tip: Personalize the Identity Plate

Personalize your Lightroom experience by customizing the Lightroom Identity Plate.

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Zone Focusing – Simplified

Recently, during a workshop in SF, my students were having some difficulty in comprehending Zone Focusing in street photography. This is how I described it. Maybe it will help some of you.

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Street Workshop (2/24-2/26)

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Jump into the world of street photography with this intense, 2-day workshop. Join Casper in the iconic streets of SF, as we seek out interesting vibrations and unique characters.

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