5-Day / 2-Part Workshop

Queratero, Mexico: Street Photography and Adobe Lightroom

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What is this workshop about?

Designed to thrust you into the world of Street Photography and help you develop a powerful new workflow with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. Join our hosts, RE Casper and Ricardo Mainou, as we explore the historic streets of Queretaro, Mexico in this intense 5-Day workshop.

This course is available as a package, or in two parts. We begin with three days of street photography, followed by two days of Lightroom. Sessions will consist of long walks on the street, lectures/slideshows, real-time instruction/demonstration, field challenges, portfolio review and lab work.

As a bonus to this course, participants are encouraged to submit their photos to be reviewed by our instructors, in class, with an open discussion among the group. In completion, the selected images from each will be used to create a photographic zine, showcasing the results of our workshop. All will receive a copy of the physical zine, with options for more to be available.

Who are the hosts?

About RE Casper

Northern California based photographer, RE Casper, explores humanity with a camera and a microphone. Specializing in human interest photography, Casper continues to expand on a diverse 15+ year career in the creative arts and craves to share that knowledge at every opportunity.

Initially picking up the camera to capture the beauty of Chicago, the rise of the Occupy Movement in 2010 caused him to direct his lens toward people and it’s remained ever since.

Over the last decade, Casper has photographed countless areas of the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Eastern Caribbean. In additional to his personal work, he freelances for local publications and for state and national political campaigns.

Networking and teamwork should be important to every artist and in the winter of 2015, Casper established the StreetPX Photography Podcast. Since, he has produced more than 50 interviews, showcasing photographers from around the world. StreetPX also hosts destination workshops, live audience recordings, panel discussions, lectures, group events and a community through the StreetPX Lounge on Facebook.

Homepage // StreetPX // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

About Ricardo Mainou

[Add host information, links, some portfolio images.]

Breakdown of Full 5-Day Workshop Package

Street Photography Workshop Segment

Designed to introduce and enhance your approach to documenting people.This 3-day workshop will focus on expanding your scene awareness. Using environmental elements, urban backdrops and strangers, you will be encouraged to observe your surroundings, build confidence and develop an artistic focus in creating a candid composition of daily life. Class time will shift between lecture, field work, guided challenges and ending review.

Requirements: Camera proficiency required. DSLR/CSC required for field work, English competency suggested

Adobe Lightroom Workshop Segment

Get your photographic life in order with Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is a photo management and editing application, available for Mac and PC. This course is designed to teach you the foundations of Adobe Lightroom, how to navigate the application, manage your collection, edit your photographs and publish to print or web. Please know, this class focuses on software operation and no camera use will be required during class.

Requirements: Computer proficiency required, Laptop with Lightroom Class CC installed, portable harddrive with 20+ images for training.

Registration Opens on December 1st, 2017

Street Photography Segment

Workshop Segment // March 13 - 15
  • Lecture
  • Field Challenges
  • Real-Time Instruction
  • Portfolio Review
  • Basic Zine Making

Adobe Lightroom Workshop

Workshop Segment // March 16 - 17
  • Basic Operation
  • Photo Management
  • Post Processing
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Publishing

Workshop Requirements

Bring your Stuff

This course requires specific gear minimums and competencies to be met by all participants. These requirements vary slightly depending on whether you select Part 1 (Street), Part 2 (Lightroom), or the full Workshop Package. You may bring other gear, other lenses or , but we encourage you to pack light and focus only on the items you need. Our walks will be long and strenuous.

Don’t forget your charger and some extra batteries and memory cards,

During Part II, all laptops must have Adobe Lightroom CC installed and operational in order to participate. Previous iterations of Adobe LIghtroom may be acceptable, by instructor approval only. Please contact us with any questions.

Know Your Equipment

Please know, equipment competency will be essential. While in the field, you must be able to confidently operate your camera and be mindful of your surroundings while using it (traffic, pedestrians, debris). Casper and Ricardo will not be able to focus on demonstrating basic camera operation. While in the lab, you must be able to effectively transfer files from the memory card to your computer and display images in slideshow form when requested during each session (minor assistance can be offered). Adobe Lightroom will be the application used during this course, but students opting not to participate in Part II will be free to use any software they desire.

Required Gear

  • Digital SLR or Rangefinder
  • Wide Angle Lens (range: 18mm – 50mm)
    • Prime lens recommended [24mm, 28mm, 35mm, or 50mm]
    • Mid-range zooms are acceptable.
  • Batteries (bring more than one)
  • Chargers
  • Memory Cards (bring more than one)
  • Laptop Computer and Power Cable
  • Portable Storage Device and 20 selections loaded

Other Items to to consider

  • Carrying bag (backpack, satchel, purse, waist bag, etc.)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Water and Snack(s)
  • Small amount of cash (lunch/transportation)

The Serious Stuff…

For any questions or for more information, please click here to contact me. Or email me at casper@recasper.com.


This is a 2-part workshop, split on Street Photography and Adobe Lightroom. Students are offered the chance to purchase the full package and join us for the entire week of March 13-17, or students may select only the class they wish to take. The choice is yours. Tuition for the workshop is $499 with an Early Bird discount (apply before the 1st of January 2018) and $550 for registrations after the new year. Registration deadline is March 5th, 2018 and limited to 10 seats per workshop segment.

Please note, this fee does not include flights, accommodation or large meals (coffee and bagels will be available on the morning of each class). All field expenses (souvenirs, reading material, snacks, water, etc…) are the responsibility of the student. Students will be emailed workshop specifics, with suggestions for lodgings.

Cancellation Policy*

Hey, things happen, plans change… What happens then? Don’t worry, as long as you contact us quickly.

In the event of a cancellation at least 30+ days before the first day of the workshop, registration fees will be reimbursed, with the exception of a $25 cancellation fee.

Beyond this time limit, You will be charged the following:

– 50% of the cost if cancelled between 14 and 30 days before the workshop begins.

– 100% of the cost if cancelled less than 7 days before the workshop begins.

All workshops that are started by the participant, but not completed, whether through the fault of the contractor or the participant, the total must be paid in full.

*Same as you, wild things may happen, but we cannot be responsible for any non-refundable travel expenses incurred in the event host based cancellation. We recommend that you buy refundable air tickets and/or travel insurance.

Have Fun!

If something goes wrong, or you’re not getting the images you want. Don’t worry! This is about learning, networking and helping you develop a better eye. Your equipment plays only a small role in that creation process. The most important thing to remember, is to make sure you are having fun and enjoying yourself.

What students are saying...

You covered all and beyond what were described in the Beginning Adobe Lightroom 1 course. You even discussed the best possible NAS backup system including subscription to the iCloud storages, You gave us the tips and techniques on how to go about developing photos and images beside setting up the best possible organization of File Management and Archiving. Thanks for the class.

Reynaldo M.

First the instructor was professional, patient, thoughtful & enthusiastic in his class lessons & provided equal support of each student. Casper was very interactive during questions & encouraged each student to experiment to learn more about the workings of Lightroom.

Maria M.

Loved it. Was overwhelmed. But as you say I will start experimenting and see what works. I loved your enthusiasm and thought your explanations to my questions were spot on.

Eamonn T.

This workshop was truly inspirational and a fabulous learning experience in the shooting of people. It was also an opportunity for understanding of light, color, gesture and photo artistic process. A new way of seeing has opened up for me. Casper's inspirations, methods, and advice encouraged me to go out and really look at the world from a whole new perspective. We had intense and supportive dialogue on all creative things through a camera’s aperture with his experience and talent as the lens providing the focus on people. After this workshop, I am inspired and motivated to start shooting again more regularly and with a regained passion and desire to do so…my hopes were beyond fulfilled. Thank you Casper!


Eyes on the Street was an excellent class. Casper is very knowledgeable and the class is organized very well. The information and examples provided were organized into a great booklet, so you don't have to scramble to jot things down on the run. Casper really takes the time to understand what each student hopes to learn or improve on and then checks in throughout the class about your goals, and to offer tips and ideas. I learned so much from this class, it was great!

Paige L

Just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation! Thank you so much for everything, I am taking a lot away from the course and have a solid understanding of the program – I am excited to start exploring.

Megan S

I thought that RE Casper was very well prepared to teach Lightroom 1. The course was well-organized and the outline was well thought-out! The pace of the course was reasonable and we received a sold overview or the Lightroom software. I found that RE Casper was very patient with students and gave adequate time for questions and explanations. The course was a good introduction to Lightroom. I know there is much more to learn, and I look forward to Lightroom 2. Thanks.


Frank V

Just like the genre of Street Photography this class is quick paced and exciting. Quick paced in the sense that I captured over 700 images over three days while walking in excess of 15 miles exploring 6 divergent areas of San Francisco. Exciting in the sense that from the images I captured I learned and was able to practice and receive valuable feedback on the art of focus, composition, and lighting in relation to presenting the "story" of the street. Thank you


Charles K

Lightroom 1 with Casper was "just what the doctor ordered!". He was organized, energetic, thorough and thoughtful in his presentation……and fun. Lightroom is such a powerful, complicated program and it needs a guide like Casper to walk you through the organization, learn on how to focus on the important points and see how they pertain to setting up your workflow and then how to start to apply its powerful tools. It could have been overwhelming but Casper saw what the value was to beginners and could bring his wealth of experience to play in guiding us through it's most valuable parts. I definitely hope to take further classes with him, especially Lightroom 2 and would recommend this class to anyone who wants to understand the value of Lightroom to their photo organization and editing.

Martin E

Spent this weekend taking RE Casper's Lightroom 1 class at the Harvey Milk Photo Center. I've used Lightroom for 6 years; Casper clearly explained the tool well enough for me to understand just how limited and inefficient my use of it has been! I recommend this course for any user of Lightroom who either is new to it or is sure they don't understand it well enough!

Michael K

Casper is a terrific instructor. The workshop is fast paced, efficient, and clearly well-thought out. Casper has obviously thought about how to approach not just the workshop, but teaching itself. His instructions are clear, he repeats instructions and directions when necessary, and answers questions both immediately and during breaks. I went home knowing how to use LightRoom. I thoroughly enjoy Casper's upbeat and friendly delivery and will take other courses by him. He goes out of his way before the class to provide us with handouts that we may need...

Sue WR

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